14 Benefits of Social Media for Business

22-04-2021 | by Akin | 0 Comment | Social Media Marketing

Social media for your business is no longer an option, it is a basic thing to do. It is one of the best ways to gain valuable insights, reach your customers, and grow your brand at a different level.


Interested in knowing the benefits of using social media for business? Don’t forget that more than 3 billion people are using social networks across the globe.


According to research, more people on social media follow brands than celebrities. Here is one interesting stat for you, Around 80% of people on Instagram follow at least one brand.


If your business does not have any presence on social media, you’re passing up a fast, compelling, and inexpensive way to reach half the world’s population.


Here are some major benefits:

1. Increase Brand Awareness – With the increasing number of users on social media, it is a natural place to reach potential customers.


2. Increased inbound traffic – It’s unlikely that all your traffic comes from search engine results. Social media is also helping get inbound traffic to your website.


3. SEO Boost – Content sharing has become more valuable in the search engine optimization context. Content that receives a high number of shares can provide websites with a high-ranking boost.


4. Quick feedbacks – People on social media are impatient. They can’t hold on to something. If they like something, they will let you know and vice versa.


5. Access to International Market – There is no geographical limit on social media. You can sell your products and service across the globe.


6. Generate leads – Social media offers an easy way of lead generation. Social media ads can show you the persons interested in your product. Lead generation is such an important benefit of social media.


7. Partner with influencers – There are many social media celebrities. Word of the mouth changes over 20-50% purchasing decisions. You can partner with influencers who are having a large number of followers on social media.


8. Go Viral – People like, comment, and share your content on social media. Your content is exposed to new customers, their friends, and followers. Your content can spread on the internet very fast, getting thousands and even millions of shares.


9. Reputation Management – People are continuously talking about your business on social media. If someone is spreading false news of your business, reply politely and professionally.


10. Eye on the competition – Social media is a great platform for checking what’s going on. You can check your competition and their strategies. You can also get some customers through this process.


11. Targeted advertising – Advertising plays a major role in social media. It is an inexpensive and effective way to promote your business. You can run ads according to your preferences like area, age, gender, etc.


12. Increase Website Traffic – Social media ads and posts are a great way to increase website traffic. Sharing your blogs from websites to social channels is perfect to increase traffic.


13. Visibility & Interaction – There are high chances of your business becoming more visible. Ads are the best when you are ready to spend money otherwise hashtags gives your content a wider reach.


14. Boost Sales – Your social media can directly or indirectly boost your sales. No matter what you are selling, social media can help you sell it. A new contact can easily become your customer.


How do you manage your social media marketing? Get all these benefits and many more with our social media services managed by a team of professionals.

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