Difference between Radio and TV advertising

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Advertising has been growing continuously over the past few years from traditional ways to digital ways. Advertising is a great way to reach more people and let them aware of your brand or business. There are two most common and efficient ways of advertising – Radio ads and TV ads.


Quite similar in results yet different in approach. Even though modern approaches to advertising are increasing, radio and TV advertising are still in great demand for many businesses across the world.


There are quite a few differences in these kinds of advertising which will be helpful for you to choose the one for your business.


The biggest and main difference between Radio and TV ads is the format. Radio advertising is complete audio while TV advertising is audio and visual. This might look like a simple difference but it is very crucial that which format is good for certain products. For some products, you need visuals for customers to make them understand the use, and for some audio is sufficient.


A significant difference that might be crucial for small businesses is cost. According to the reports, Television ads are 50 times more expensive than radio ads. A radio advertisement can be made by anyone with access to the studio and who has a good voice. Often, radio stations quickly produce ads for clients. On the other hand, Television ads require major productions which need weeks to complete.  


Another major difference between radio and tv advertising is their approach to the target audience. Both platforms have different prime times. For radio, prime time advertising is mainly the drive to and from work. Mostly evening hours are considered as prime time for television but it may differ depending upon the target market.


 Advantages of Radio Advertising

1. Of the different media of advertising, radio has the broadest coverage. It can reach any household.

2. Radio advertisement can be broadcast at regional, national or international levels.

3. Even illiterate people can understand radio ads.

4. The ad appears in between some interesting song or program. Therefore, those who listen to the program also listen to the ads.


Advantages of TV Advertising


1. Like radio, television also provides wide coverage as these days TV is a common household item.

2. The greatest advantage of TV ads is that it creates the best impact on the views mind. Both audio and visual can be applied on television.

3. The advertiser can select the program and channel on which he wants to place an ad. It is easy to target your audience. If your goods are meant for children then it is better to advertise on a “cartoon network” instead of any sports channel.


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