The Ultimate Guide to TV Advertising

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90 percent of the customer decisions to purchase goods and services are influenced by advertising. This not only includes traditional media such as television, radio, and outdoor billboards but also newer concepts including Internet advertising. With so much advertising accessible, entrepreneurs may ponder about the advantages of TV advertising over different mediums. TV advertising offers benefits in front of some other medium, making it a powerful utilization of promoting dollars.


With more than 1,500 business TV channels broadcasting in the United States, with innumerable more communicating throughout the planet, TV advertising is a quick and effective way for your message to be heard.


TV advertising offers a normal reach of 85% for adults across all age demographics. With that sort of impact, the benefits of this marketing option can’t be ignored.


Advantages of TV Advertising


1. It offers immediate trust to customers – According to the surveys, around 60% of customers trust what they see in television ads. The highest percentage is found in the millennials, where 2 out of 3 trust TV ads.


2. Multiple ways to broadcast your message – TV ads allow you to broadcast messages with two options instead of one. You have both visual and sound that encourages people to indulge. Both Visuals and sound combined can be so attractive and it helps to leave an image in the customer's mind. The advertiser’s innovativeness—the specialty of TV advertising—is additionally a vital determinant in the message's prosperity.


3. Reach – Nothing can bet TV’s reach. All the homes at least own one Tv and an average teen spends 8-9 hours a week on TV. Around 89% of people watch Tv, with the average person viewing 23 hours a week.


4. Fishing where the Fish is getting easier - If mass reach isn't your goal, targeting specific audiences in key locations with television is feasible. This method is improving all the time with the assistance of addressable advertising, connected TV and programmatically buying TV audiences. The once mass-arrive at medium has now extended past utilizing commonplace geo focusing on, explicit programming or specialty link organizations.

TV Advertising Best Practices

  1. The advertiser should aim at improving general advertiser recall, brand recall, and overall likability.
  2. The advertiser should avoid the temptation to create many TV commercials at the beginning. Producing many ad commercials is an expensive way and can dilute the viewer’s recall goals.
  3. The advertiser should fix the media's financial plan and consent to payment terms. The TV advertiser should make timely payments. Small ventures ought not to anticipate a transient expansion in sales.
  4. The improvement of a fruitful TV promoting effort requires significant investment. The ad should be created from a customer's point of view.
  5. Genuine imagination, not parroting another fruitful TV advertisement in one's industry, can isolate your business from others. Discover inventiveness after playing out the hard exploration work. Know your client first.
  6. Remember that creativity is “king,” but the best creative work can’t make up for focused research. Intelligent TV advertising is inconceivable if the advertiser doesn't have a clue about the audience.


Factors That Impact The Cost Of Your Commercial


    • Time of Year
    • Time od Day
    • Network and TV show
    • Age of Viewers
    • Gender
    • Live Viewership
    • National or Local Events
    • Broadcast vs Cable


Television is one medium that keeps on developing. It’s offering viewers better approaches to watch, and advertisers new approaches to arrive at possible clients. As the media landscape changes, we are always looking for unique TV opportunities for our clients. We will love the chance to support your brand in these TV ad campaigns. Contact us so we can get started working together!

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